Friday, June 24

Greek Souvlaki - lots of veggie options

Some days call for fast food and sitting on the couch. This is one of them.

The Greek Salad (without cheese!) from Greek Souvlaki is delicious. And cheap. Zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, peppers and greens are covered in vinegrette and delicious. It also comes with a fresh, warm pita.The vegetarian version comes with feta, but my version was just as delicious.

Greek Souvlaki offers fries and tons of vegetarian options like fried zucchini/mushrooms, lentil soup and veggie gyros. If you have to go to a quick meal with with Other People, I'd suggest Greek Souvlaki. Everyone will be happy from meat-eating Dads to vegetarians to vegans.

Also, this is how I feel today:

cocktails and doing my nails. yep.

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  1. Fast food & sitting on the couch has been what I'm about the last few days. Must be going around, but it's definitely needed sometimes! :)