Sunday, May 15

Wheeler Farm and a smooch from a horse

Neither my husband and I have been to to Wheeler Farm since we were kids. We were both chased by a goose and remember field trips where we churned and ate butter.  Does every Utah kid have this same experience?

Wheeler Farm was a dairy farm a hundred years ago and now it's one of those family places. You can watch people milk cows get tractor rides and all sorts of crazy stuff. They have horses, cows, sheep, goats and all sorts of birds. Of course, none of this is okay. Animals shouldn't be bred for little kids or Westies to gawk at.

We stopped on a whim. The farm is just such a bizarre place! We had just taken Darby to PetCo (another really not vegan place. Mice and birds are not products!) to buy his food because I had run out. And the Darbster likes to eat. Anyway, (this is the boring part and I'm trying to get to the good part here...) we drove by and decided to stop. It's free so I didn't feel like I was really supporting it and I thought Darby would like to smell the animals and little kids. Blah blah blah.

We visited the cows who where largely uninterested in us. Darby was having a great time smelling everything and saying "hi!" to all the dogs and people. We walked around and checked out a few of the other inhabitants of the farm. There were baby goats, which were adorable, but sad. It's hard to enjoy looking at animals when they're penned up like that.

Darby wasn't afraid of anyone, he'd trot right up to the pens and stick his nose in. He found an unlikely friend, a nice blonde horse. They spent a good few minutes smelling each other. It was a friendly greeting! Darby, who has never seen a horse before was actually having a moment with this huge creature. It was remarkable to watch. I couldn't believe it. 

I wonder what the horses lives are like on Wheeler Farm. All the animals looked pretty happy and well-taken care of. That doesn't make it right and I don't feel good about it, but out of such a strange, non-vegan outing, I witnessed something I've never seen before - two different animals just saying hello.

Darby and his horse friend

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