Monday, March 5

Veganism. It's easy.

People crack me up. Some of them think being vegan is hard and that you have to do all this fancy pants cooking and whatnot. Believe me, you don't. Here are a few pics of easy, delicious vegan food.

you can make any pasta salad in the world your bitch. add homemade bread and you have a winner.

squish tomatoes up with basil, garlic and olive oil and eat with crackers! 

make a potato salad using Veganise, heat up some canned baked beans and pan fry tempeh with soy sauce and garlic. this makes your co-workers jealous. :)

buy pre-made vegan meaty things, like Riblets and eat them with microwavable brown rice. add sriacha.

ramen. what can't you do with ramen?

fatty sandwiches with Tofurky, Veganaise and avocado always hit the spot.

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