Saturday, May 21

Vegan Restaurants

only the finest of vegan foods ...

I copied this list from In Utah This Week, you can find the original right here.

Blue Plate Diner
2041 S. 2100 East
p • 801.463.1151
Vegan sausage and tofu scramble are among the brunch options you’ll find here.

Cali’s Natural Foods
389 W. 1700 South, Suite C
p • 801.483.2254
If you like the food at Sage’s and Vertical Diner, you can find your favorite items for your freezer here.

Cakewalk Vegan Bakery
434 S. 900 East
p • 801.953.0804
You’ll love the Dillos, vegan cupcakes and other desserts here.

City Cakes
282 E. 900 South
Their traditional, vegan and gluten-free treats are scrumptious.

Evergreen Cafe
755 S. State St.
p • 801.328.8889
Enjoy flavorful Chinese foods with convincing meat substitutes.

Long Life Veggie House
1353 E. 3300 South
p • 801.467.1111
Savory dishes with faux meats are a hit at this Chinese restaurant.

Living Cuisine Raw Food Bar
2144 S. Highland Drive
p • 801.467.4082
Creative raw food dishes are prepared with love at Living Cuisine.

Sage’s Cafe
473 E. Broadway (300 South)
p • 801.322.3790
Incredible vegan and raw dishes are served in this cozy house-turned-restaurant.

Vertical Diner
2280 S. West Temple
p • 801.484.8378
Try the Tender Tiger (fried chicken tenders with ranch dressing) at this diner-style restaurant.

Tender Tigers FTW!

and breakfast too!

and of course, there's City Dogs!

perfect for bringing back to the office!

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