Wednesday, May 11

Muffin Tops. I haz them.

So what do you get when you combine stress-eating, cooking fatigue, lack of exercise, days of eating burritos and veggie sandwiches on ciabatta bread?

To all you people hawking a vegan diet as a weight loss tool, stop it. Being vegan is about being nice to animals. Mind you I'm not any less adorable, just a little more chubby. Maybe that makes me even more adorable!?

As soon as I get my ass in gear, this extra poundage will slip away like it always does. It takes a few weeks of eating veggies and a few extra rounds of Darby walks, but it's very do-able. Until then, I will just avoid wearing pants. :)



  1.'s Heather. I am starting a new Healthy Living blog. I havn't posted anything yet, but I am going to give you the link.
    I hope this means I can post on your blog now finally!

  2. I totally know exactly what you mean! People should really stop with the stereotypes.

  3. Yay Heather!!! I need you to get me in shape. :)

  4. While I agree that hawking a vegan diet for weight loss is, well, kinda lame, I have to disagree with "Being vegan is about being nice to animals." It's about being nice to the planet and the people who live on it, too (exploited factory farm employees, etc.) ...and it *is* on the whole much healthier to eat a plant-based diet, period.

    There's my "I'm not doing it for the stinky animals" rant for the day. Thanks!

  5. no, the concept of veganism is to not harm animals in any way for food, clothing or anything else. if you're not eating them for the environment or for your personal health, that's awesome, but it's not vegan as defined by The Vegan Society. But it is good. :) and animals do benefit from it!