Wednesday, May 18

Meet the Mad Hatter

I wish!
I couldn't be more pleased with the latest incarnation of City Dogs. Jesse Fruhwirth is taking the beloved vegan hot dog cart to a new level. He's kept the best things from last year, revamped the chili and added a killer new wrap. It's filled with steamed tempeh salad (think chicken salad but better), fresh greens (which will be local very soon!) and wrapped in a wheat wrap with flax seeds. The Mad Hatter is delicious and healthy. Sounds more like the Sensible Hatter to me. It's $5.00 and although it looks small, it's very filling.

He also sells Dillos(vegan Twinkies)from Cakewalk. YUM. This summer is going to be very delicious. I can't wait!

fresh, healthy ingredients for a reasonable price!

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  1. I love that you make vegan scrumptious :) - you made the Queen Bee Picks of the Week! and vegan twinkies?! I have to come up to SLC just to try that!