Saturday, May 28

The day I almost forgot

i had to buy this book.

Apple pie and coffee for lunch. It's the little things. 

 I was just going through my old pictures and found this day.  It was a pretty good one.  I found an old book filled with monsters and ate apple pie and black coffee at my desk.

Sam Wellers Bookstore in downtown Salt Lake is slightly charming. Maybe if I was 19 again and going through my beat phase, I'd appreciate it more. Now that I'm middle-aged and bitter, the used bookstore rubs me he wrong way. They never have the book I'm looking for, and the people there are annoying. Of course it's the only place I buy books.  

The Coffee Garden sells good chocolate, good coffee and apple pie inside the bookstore. I wish they had vegan pastries available! I'd love to get something bready and chocolately with an espresso.

So sad that I almost forgot this day even existed. That's why I'm always on Twitter, taking pictures and scribbling notes - there are so many amazing things to remember.

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