Wednesday, April 6

VStream inspires you to get your blog on 

I love everything about being a vegan blogger. The community is amazing; they're always there to share foodie experiences, recipes and insights. Sharing my restaurant reviews and easy recipes, I get to show people how easy it is to live cruelty-free.  Every day I find a new blog to fall in love with, and at least a handful of recipes to try. I mean, we're all documenting a movement towards a more comapassionate world, and inspiring people go vegan, or at least eat more vegan food. How exciting is that?  We're awesome!

VStream is a comprehensive zine for vegan bloggers and vegan blog readers. It covers everything from why blogging is important to our vegan society to a list of 200 of the most influential bloggers today. It's inspirational, informative and totally worth the $11.00.  Check out my review on This Dish is Veg.

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