Wednesday, April 20

Vegan fuzzies

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Nope. This isn't another blog post about pizza (although vegan pizza gives me vegan fuzzies plenty) it's about Coleen Patrick-Goudreau's book, 'Vegan's Daily Companion'.

As vegans we're aware of the pain and suffering going on around us. It's easy to walk around with a heavy heart. 'Vegan's Daily Companion' is just the antidote to that. It's beautiful, the pictures of happy animals, gorgeous fruits and veggies is enough to cheer me up, but it also has really nice words. :)

Since it's a daily companion sort of book, there are entries for everyday. Each day focuses on a different, wonderful aspect of being vegan. Topics like new veggies and recipes, activism and rescue stories are highlighted. It also has a pretty ribbon bookmark.

This past week, it's been nice to pour a glass of wine and curl up with this book. Vegan fuzzies. :)

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