Thursday, April 28

Ruth's Diner- the patio is open!

Trevor's Potato Burrito
filled with hashbrowns, pinto beans, guacamole and smothered with rachero sauce

I'm not much for spending time in the mountains hiking or camping, what I do enjoy is sitting on the patio of Ruth's Diner, warm cup of coffee in hand and enjoying the scenery of Emigration Canyon. "This is the place" is what Brigham Young declared after seeing the canyon in 1847. It's pretty, I would have said that too.

Everybody in Utah adores this place. It's our second oldest restaurant (they just celebrated 80 years!) Ruth, a local legend, lived on the property for 40 years with her Chihuahuas. It's changed hands a few times, but it's always been a happy place for me. There are pictures of Ruth and her dogs everywhere!  I think she would be happy if she saw the diner today.

"Her dogs were just as spirited as she was. The Chihuahuas tried to bite any customers they didn't know, with a special sweet tooth for those frat boys."

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  1. Your blog really makes me want to visit Salt Lake City! I've only been once and it was on a business trip so I didn't get to really see that much. I'd love to come back and do a vegan eating tour!

  2. love that the dogs had a special sweet tooth for frat boys- nice that you can get a vegan meal there!

  3. Ruth's vegan Sunrise Spuds is my favorite breakfast in the SLC, handsdown! I also wanted to suggest that you pay a visit to Sushi Groove on Highland drive. They have, by far, the best vegi rolls I've had in city. I would highly recommend the Tex Mex and the Fried Vegi (replace the cream cheese w extra asparagus). Plus, their tall boy PBRs are $2.50 every day! Tell Dave that the other vegan girl sent you :) Love your blog!

  4. thanks for the comments everyone! :)

    Aubrey - I've had another person tell me about Sushi Groove! I must must must check it out. Thanks for the suggestion!!!!!!!