Sunday, April 3

A return to Tea Rose Diner

ice cream made with coconut milk - yum!

Pineapple Curry with tofu

Massaman Curry with tofu

The Tea Rose Diner has some pretty spicy dishes. They've become infamous for their "Wall of Flame", where they post Polaroid pictures of people who have successfully dined on their hottest curries. The people on the wall have gone through some pretty crazy stuff to get on that wall. There are stories of numb limbs and passing out. This is serious stuff.

My first trip to Tea Rose Diner was well, painful. I ordered Yellow Curry at a 5. The scale goes from 1-10, so 5 seemed reasonable. It was not. I was kinda pissed.

I've been trying to figure out what heat level I like the best, and right now it's 3. It's still hot, but it doesn't hurt and still tastes good. Maybe next time I'll work up to a 4. For some reason, I want to get on that wall.

My favorite dish is the Massumman Curry. It's made with coconut milk, onions, baby corn, carrots and peanuts. The dish comes loaded with cashews and yumminess.

Besides scorching hot curries, the Tea Rose Diner has vegan ice cream. It's really tasty. I've heard (from a reliable source, my friend Kristyn) that it could be better than the regular ice cream.

So, to recap, the Tea Rose diner has super hot delicious curry and amazing vegan ice cream. It's one of my favorite restaurants right now!

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  1. Remind me not to read your blog while hungry. That looks amazing.