Wednesday, March 2

Umami - a new veganing

Umami for vegans

If you're read my bio, you'll know I was vegan for some time and returned to eating dairy and meat. I spent a month eating things like Pasta Carbonara from The Copper Onion. I won't lie, it was fabulously interesting for me. Somehow I turned off the part of my brain that knew the horrors of the meat and dairy industry.
Eating different foods was eye-opening for me.  I discovered what I didn't like about the vegan food I was eating was the lack of  umami - the magical 5th taste. Umami is the earthy, savory, salty taste of meat, anchovies, eggs and Parmesan. These are the tastes I crave, and I wasn't getting them from whatever I was eating.

Luckily, there are vegan foods that evoke umami.  Foods like mushrooms, miso, nutritional yeast, green tea, tomatoes and onions all add depth and a special savory-ness to your meals.  Something as simple as adding miso or sauteed mushrooms to a sandwich makes a world of difference to me!

 My tastes have changed to craving veggie foods like lentil soups, Indian food and pasta. And better yet, I can be happy knowing I'm not causing animals to suffer for my taste buds. In fact, I'm feeling better than ever!  Nothing feels better than a clear conscience and a belly full of vegan lasagna and garlic bread.  

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