Thursday, March 31

Smile Cafe will make you happy

Smile Cafe is the most unique place I've visited in Salt Lake. It's a small cafe serving good food at a fair price. It's pretty cute too. The walls are super bright, there are big TVs featuring the cafe's food, and it's extremely clean-looking. Smile Cafe is almost like an Ikea ad; it's a.little too neat.

So, it's adorable, the people are nice and they have vegan options. For breakfast you could get hashbrowns with veggies and a fresh orange juice. For lunch, they have a fat veggie sandwich, a burger, salads and fries.

My half of a veggie sandwich on sourdough with fries came to $5.32 with tax. It was delicious sandwich with onions, peppers, avocado, jalapenos and a balsamic dressing on real sourdough bread. Next time I'm there I need to ask about the fries because I couldn't tell what was up with them. They were better than average fries, but I don't think they were hand cut. That is a mystery I'm looking forward to solving! They also have sweet potato fries I need to check out. I'll keep you posted!
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