Wednesday, March 30

Pizza Kit winners!

There are so many delicious ways to make a vegan pizza! There were tons of good ideas, but I picked the ones I did because I <3 pineapple, avocado, artichoke hearts and olives. I'm totally hungry right now.  Here are three yummy ideas from my blog readers: 

When I make pizza at home, I'll put avocado, spinach, broccoli and artichoke hearts on it. 

Black olives, artichoke hearts and broccoli rabe. But the broccoli rabe has to be sauteed in garlic and olive oil before it goes on the pizza. Yum!!!

Soy Curls soaked in buffalo sauce and loaded with Daiya
Jalapeno, pineapple, buffalo, daiya

Please email me at: for your Pizza Kit! And feel free to send me pictures of your pizzas. :)

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