Thursday, March 10

House Noodle showdown!

Cafe Trang's House Noodles with Beancurd

Cindy Lee Cafe's version

You know the dish that always catches your eye on a menu, the one you default to when you can't decide? Mine is Vietnamese pan-fried rice noodles. 

Here we have we have House Noodles with Beancurd from both Cafe Trang and Cindy Lee Cafe. The price difference is about $4. 00.  Cindy Lee Cafe's noodles are $7.10 with tax, and you can get two meals from one order!

Cafe Trang's veggies are fresh, the tofu is flavorful, and the noodles are nice and thick. It's difficult to not order this dish when I visit. The noodles are fried on the bottom, and cutting them with a fork is a lot like cracking the top of a creme brulee, but with noodles. It's serious.   

Cindy Lee's version has thinner more traditional bahn hoi noodles, okay tofu, and lots of "filler veggies", but it's still good! Everyone has a place in their heart for something like greasy, cheap Chinese or fast food. It's one of the privileges of being American.

They both have a smoky, savory taste, to different degrees. In a pinch, I'm perfectly content with Cindy Lee Cafe's, but on a weekend I'd rather spend the extra four bucks.

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  1. That looks so yummy! I usually just eat at the all-vegan restaurants here in Salt Lake because I find going to other places generally frustrating. It looks like I'll have to try Cafe Trang though!

  2. you have to order the vegan chicken. it's really delicious!