Wednesday, March 16

Combatting stupidity

This plant wants to eat YOU!
Besides being the dumbest questions that vegans face everyday, "Don't plants feel pain?", the subject was also covered in a New York Times essay.  The following article is a response to that argument. A smart one. 
 a quote:
So the next time anyone tries to justify their consumption of animals by comparing plants and animals or highlighting the unintentional harming and killing of animals in the process of harvesting vegetables, remind them that veganism is still unequivocally the more morally defensible option.

Alternatively, you can just advise them to use some common sense.

For the full article please click here


  1. Yes! What a great response, it's got to be the most annoying argument omnis bring up!

  2. Oh gosh. Humans are stupid sometimes.

  3. It's so annoying, I can't even go there....I can't believe the NYT is perpetuating this stupid argument publishing the idiotic, badly written piece.

  4. I hear the "what if we discover that carrots feel pain?" question almost as much as I hear "do you have to take supplements since you don't eat meat?" Ugh.