Tuesday, February 8

Tea Rose Diner - take two

fried spring rolls

Tea Rose Salad

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I'm feeling a bit like Goldilocks over here. My first trip to Tea Rose was impressive, but HOT. My curry brought tears to my eyes. My second trip was okay. The fried spring rolls were good, but my salad was totally bland.

Luckily, I went back a few days later and had one of the best restaurant experiences ever! I ordered the fried spring rolls (again!) and coconut-orange vegan ice cream. It was Just Right. Actually, it was better than that.

Their ice cream is made from coconut milk so it has the most gorgeous creamy texture and the deepest coconut taste. And it's vegan! The flavors change daily, but they're all impressive. Pair that with some hot, fried spring rolls and you have something special.

just right!


  1. I LOVE this place, I have never had anything but amazing food there!!! They even offer vegan pancakes. The owner is so nice, and they offer so much stuff vegan it's great!!!

  2. vegan pancakes?! you're kidding?

  3. I LOVE coconut milk ice cream, but have never had it anywhere but a grocery store (mmmm...SO Delicous even makes ice ceam bars) so I need to put this on my must try list.