Saturday, February 26

Mo' Momos please!

pan-fried Vegetable Momos with dhal

Vegetable fried rice, vegetable chow mein and cholay

I'm looking forward to eating at Everest Nuage Tibetan Restaurant again.  My first trip was good, but next time I'm skipping the boring noodles and rice and heading straight for those momos.

They were incredible!  They were more than incredible!  And they were a hot commodity at the buffet table because they were out most of the time.  The veggie ones must have been better than the beef ones, because there were tons of those around.  The dhal was also delicious.  The two together was like Tibetan grilled cheese and tomato soup; they were perfect together. 

The cholay was amazing.  Garbanzo beans are favorite, but add onions, tomatoes, ginger and  they become heavenly. 

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