Saturday, February 19

Happy Birthday to me!

Cheshire Cat cake made my one of my favorite people!!

More cake!

Cake insides!
My mom made me lasagna with Daiya.  YUM.

Veggie sliders and delicious lasagna.

My mom picked up some artichoke spready stuff from Caputos, and it was amazing! 
Darby had a wonderful time and got very muddy feet. 

I love my birthday.  The day started with breakfast at Oasis Cafe (read about it here!)  and later that day my husband, Darby and I headed to my parent's house for dinner.

I've been so lucky to get back in touch with my best friend from High School, Kristyn.  We have a standing Friday lunch date and she likes Thai food and makes me laugh more than anyone else.  :)  AND SHE MAKES CAKE.  Adorable cakes.  This was her first vegan cake and it turned out beautifully.  I really didn't even want to eat it because it was so cute, but I gave in to peer pressure and  my family ate my Cheshire Cat cake with So Delicious Neopolitan ice cream.

Cute, hu?

My mom made me a vegan lasagna with Daiya cheese and spinach.  It was yummy!  Lasagna is one of my favorite things ever.  She also made veggie sliders and had a good spread of appetizers to munch on. There was an artichoke dip, a green olive tapenade and plenty of Triscuits.  Besides all the savory stuff, there was a huge fruit salad with pears, strawberries and oranges. 

Darby made a complete total mess of himself playing outside.  If there is mud in the yard, he will find it.  Dirty paws are worth it though, he has so much fun playing with the other little dogs and running around crazy in the yard.  He also got a few bites of veggie burger. 

Turning 36 wasn't as traumatic as I thought it might be.  I mean, I can still act like I'm 35, right?


  1. That cake is a thing of wonder! Cake + lasagna = so much awesomeness.

  2. That cake is amazing! I am wondering where to get a gorgeous vegan cake, my birthday is coming in March and that is exactly what I am looking for!!!

  3. What a wonderful birthday! and that cake is WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! Happy Birthday one day late :) and wishing you a wonderful year!

  4. I am totally lusting over all of that food right now. Especially the cake. Wowww.