Tuesday, February 15

Da Hotdog King

Located on the corner of the Main St. and 4th South is the (excuse me, DA) Hotdog King.  The first look at this place is looks like an ordinary hotdog cart, but it's NOT!  They have veggie dogs and toppings like whoa. 

Pictured above is the Island Dog.  I'm a huge fan of savory/sweet (not to mention pineapple on pizza!) and this dog was delicious. The coconut flakes and the mango/pineapple with the "meaty" dog was delicious.


  1. Wow! I think there's a vegan hot dog stand in anther state here, I have to go to there.

  2. Woah, why haven't I heard of this place? I've heard of that other vegetarian hot dog cart, but never this.

  3. hate to say it, but I like this better than City Dogs, although I'd prefer to support vegetarian places. :/