Saturday, February 12

Birthday food so far!

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I'm taking a break mid-birthday to share some of the great vegan food my husband and I have eaten yesterday and today. There's more to come, so be sure to come back tomorrow for cake and lasagna!

Lunch at the Vertical Diner was wonderful yesterday! I ordered the special, grilled 'cheese' and a salad for $5.75. It so reminded me of getting lunch at Dee's many years ago! Eating such a average lunch was strangely fun. My husband ordered the buffalo wings AND the buffalo fries, and later had a stomach ache. One or the other, people. Their buffalo is spicy!

This morning we went to the Oasis Cafe for my Birthday Breakfast. My latte was gorgeous. It's rare that I see such nice foam with soy milk! For breakfast, I ordered the tofu scramble and it was so good. They used cubed tofu, sauteed tomato and mushroom and maybe chipotle to make the dish savory and smokey.

The Oasis Cafe is attached to the Golden Braid Bookstore. We haven't been there for years (mainly to an aversion to New Age things), but when we were first dating we went there regularly. It was nice to go back! The lunch menu looks a lot more vegan-friendly than the breakfast, so I'm looking forward to checking that out soon.

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