Tuesday, January 11

Weirdo Omni Cravings (Deviled Eggs & Brioche)

Deviled eggs from Vegan Crunk

Sometimes I have cravings for non-vegan food. This week it was Deviled Eggs and brioche. I haven't eaten these things in many years, and when I did, they weren't my favorites. But sometimes, cravings will just surprise and attack me! A quick internet search and I had my solution.

Vegan Dad's brioche

Vegan Lunch Box's brioche

I knew it would be pretty easy to veganize a brioche recipe. Vegan Dad's picture is beautiful and very inspiring. I'm hoping that mine turn out as beautifully.

As for the brioche from Jennifer from Vegan Lunch Box - she used mashed potatoes in her dough. Mashed potatoes! Isn't that clever? I'm really looking forward to making brioche Tofurkey and avocado sandwiches and french toast.

So, is there anything vegan bloggers CAN'T do? I highly doubt it. I'm excited to have my next weirdo omni craving so I can see how smart my fellow bloggers are!

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