Saturday, January 15

Vegetarian Pho

Last week I learned that traditional Pho is made with beef stock. I've been eating the Vegetable Pho from Cindy Lee Cafe regularly for the past few years, so I was more than grossed out by my discovery.

Happily, when I sat down with a menu, I noticed that it said "Vegetarian Pho". The soup was full of fresh veggies and tons of rice noodles. I added lemon, herbs, jalapenos and all the Sriracha they provided. It was the perfect lunch for a cold, gray day.

I love a happy ending.

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  1. I was so excited to read this post. I have been searching for Vegetarian Pho in SLC for some time...being pregnant I have been craving it non-stop since day one but moving here from Boulder, CO I haven't been successful....until now, in finding a vegetarian pho place. Sista! you've made my day! Thank you Thank you Thank you!