Wednesday, January 12

Truth Behind the Labels: How Meat Eaters Can Find Out if Their Dinner Was Really Humanely Raised

Truth Behind the Labels: How Meat Eaters Can Find Out if Their Dinner Was Really Humanely Raised | Food | AlterNet

This article was fascinating to me.  As a vegan, I don't believe animals should be eaten or worn, but I understand that not everybody shares my feelings.

When I ate meat, I avoided eating animals that I thought were cute (see above pig!) and ate a lot of fish and chicken.  Would I have eaten more meat if the producer promised me that the animal was getting properly cared for?  Possibly. 

I don't see this as a good thing.  To me, it seems unlikely that factory farms will be replaced with "happy" farms raising "happy" meat.  The only thing the "humane" label might do, is encourage people to eat different animals.

I'd love to hear your thought on this topic, so please comment! 


  1. I think the issue is much more complicated than a label, but in the very least it expresses a vote for more ethical practices in the food industry. Still, there are a lot of essentially meaningless labels and people remain good at fooling themselves.

  2. Also being a vegan, i'm right there with you. In my mind this is a marketing ploy, to justify the unjustifiable. And that is a rather astute observation regarding "cute animals". It's exactly why we don't eat cats, horses & of course dolphins. Until more people can shed the illusion that there isn't a difference; things aren't likely to change much.

  3. I think as long as meat is still served in fast food restaurants, it's not going to go away. "Humane" meat is just going to make foodies feel good about eating animals. That's it.

    I mean, would they eat humanely raised dogs?

    Ack. My head hurts.

  4. Thanks for posting this article! Our world is so diverse that it is really difficult to define the parameters of humane. For me-- there are so many reasons not to eat meat and products made by and from animals. I wish, instead of focusing on the treatment of the animals, there could eventually be more focus on the "where" and the "at what cost?" We are so separate from the source sometimes...

  5. Truly! I really want to learn more about farming and environmental issues. I've always focused on the treatment of animals, and there's so many other aspects of agriculture that is harmful to the world.

    I think that the treatment of animals is the most important issue (as a vegan). Are you vegan Reid?

    I'm trying to get as much input about this as possible. :)