Saturday, January 15

Tea Rose Diner

Yellow Curry with tofu shouldn't make a person cry. I ordered it a reasonable 5, on a scale from 1 -10, it was really fucking hot.

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for no reason


  1. Every single time I ask for "hot" anything at one of my local restaurants, I'm disappointed that it's not. I looove the spicy stuff (but not the stuff that makes you cry). :-(

  2. Sounds like the staff failed to communicate how their scale works - normally they are pretty good about this, but this time, not. Basically, despite what you might expect from most other restaurants, a 5 here is not "medium". It's more like

    1: mild
    2: medium
    3: hot
    4: very hot
    5+: only try if you're bored by the lower levels.

    Really, there's no need for most people to even be aware of the 10-point scale. Especially first-timers. There are people who use the full range and love it, but they need to know what they're getting into.

    Next time, ask to sample the level 2 sauce. It's very tasty, and gives a good idea how the scale works.

  3. Good to know! I like spicy things, but the 5 was way to spicy for me! Next time I'll try the 2 and work my way up to a 3. :) Thanks for the comment.

  4. This place and their companion restaurant Chabaar have wonderful breakfast. My wife is (mostly) vegan and loves the Joke (pronouneced jook I think?) It's a rice porridge with lots of tasty additions. She also loves hot food so she puts alot of their hot chilies in it.