Thursday, January 6

Shanghai Cafe

Tofu Lettuce Wrap

Buddha's Delight

Shanghai Cafe offers plenty of vegetarian dishes like Orange "Chicken" and Mongolian "Beef".  I've never seen so many mock-meat dishes on a menu!  Unfortunately, they all contain egg, but you can substitute tofu on most dishes, and their tofu is really delicious.

My favorite entree is the Buddha's Delight.  The broccoli is fresh, the tofu is perfect and it comes with brown rice. It feels kinda healthy, as in not-too-greasy.

I also really love the Tofu Lettuce Wrap.  The sauce is hard to describe - it's mustard-spicy and soy-sauce salty and really really good.  The tofu/mushroom filling is savory and so great with the crispy lettuce leaves!  I feel so dumb writing about lettuce wraps, but I can't make this at home.  :)  

Shanghai Cafe is the perfect place for a lunch date, or a work lunch.  They have a huge variety of food, and it's about the cheapest place around.  It might be fun to take someone here to introduce them to some fun veggie dishes! 

 If "Vegetarian Food for a Long Life" then vegan food makes you immortal!

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  1. Yum I love Buddha's delight, it's my go to dish at Chinese restaurants.

  2. it's always so good! i can't stop craving broccoli and tofu! :p