Friday, December 17

Simple tofu fritatta

Such a simple, delicious meal! It's also easy and requires no measuring, or you wouldn't be seeing it here.

I pan-fried two sliced potatoes with pepper and smoked salt in my favorite cast iron pan. While these were cooking, I threw a package of firm tofu, two chopped garlic cloves, smoked salt, pepper, a pinch of tumeric, a splash of tamari sauce, a bit of lemon juice and about a 1/4 cup of nutritional yeast in the food processor and blended until nice and smooth.

When the potatoes were finished, I smoothed the tofu stuff over the potatoes and threw it in a preheated to 350 oven for twenty minutes.

The fritatta turned out lovely. It was flavorful and perfectly light. I only wish I had a freshly sliced tomato to eat with it!

I miss tomato season. Sigh.

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