Monday, December 13

New location of Cafe Trang

A sampling of vegan dishes

Triangle in Tomato Sauce - so sweet and savory!

House Noodles

A close-up of the crunchy noodles

Cafe Trang on Urbanspoon

I've posted before about Cafe Trang.  My husband and I were regulars at their now closed Holladay location.  When they closed, there were no restaurants close-by that offered vegan dishes.  It was a sad time for us.  We had gotten used to delicious curries, spicy Thai dishes and our favorite veggie lo-mein.

Luckily, last month they opened a new location close to us!  This weekend we finally had a chance to check it out, and everything was as good as we remembered. While we're grateful to have yummy vegan options within five minutes, I can't help but wonder if the prices are outrageous.

Today  I stopped at my favorite lunch spot, Cindy Lee Cafe, and ordered the House Noodles with Tofu for under seven dollars.  At Cafe Trang the same dish was around eleven dollars.  And they were both delicious!  The same thing goes for my Triangle in Tomato Sauce.  Both places have a great dish, but Cindy Lee's is almost half the price!  Interesting. 


  1. the menu looks awesome, and those pics look great. i would love to be able to make this stuff at home. we just cant do asian justice at home. nice to have this close by.

  2. me either! asian or indian. i'm hoping that one day i can ....