Saturday, December 4

Compassionate Cooks: Please don't Eat the Animals ( & bread)

This is my first vegan cookbook. My copy is falling apart and lousy with spills, but I still  love it!

When I first went vegan, my husband and  I were living in a tiny apartment where the kitchen and the living room were connected.  I lived in the kitchen that year. I watched cartoons and learned how to make a killer coffee cake, breads, casseroles and most important, tofu scramble and vegan mac and cheese. Every weekend would be my husband and me, cooking and baking our vegan hearts out. 
I can't pick up this cookbook without thinking of that year!  We had so much fun.  There are a lot of recipes in this book that have made their way into the regular rotation, and here are two of my favorite ...

Banana Bread

Herb and Onion Bread


  1. your banana bread is one of my favorites..and i love your hummas do a lot of special treats..

  2. I think that's the book that I got our beloved bbq chickpeas recipe out of. It's so good!

  3. I have brown bananas! AND you know what that means...BANANA BREAD!
    Thank you for the inspiration and that herb onion bread sounds so good too. I'm a sucker for the savory.

  4. I love that you have so many memories attached to that cookbook!

    I've been on a banana bread kick (3 loaves in 2 days!) but I really want to make herb & onion bread!