Saturday, December 4

City Cakes and Cafe

What is this magical place that offers vegan soft-serve, vegan macaroni and cheese and vegan lemon bars?! Did I mention that everything is vegan? Everything in City Cakes is vegan, and it's adorable.

Salt Lake is a sad shade of gray, it's cold outside and breathing the air isn't safe. We have a few more months of this misery. Luckily, there are a few bright spots in the city that not only make winter tolerable, they make it kinda fun.

City Cakes is one of those places. With offerings like cupcakes, scones and cookies, you can't help but smile. They not only offer sweets, but comfort food favorites like macaroni and cheese, veggie burgers, soup and chili. It's truly a refuge from the horrible winter!They have cushy chairs, bookshelves and free Wi Fi.  I could spend a lot of time here! 

Spiced Cocoa Muffin 

Lemon Blueberry Scone

I can't wait to try the Lemon Bars!

Holiday Cookies


  1. Not everything at City Cakes is vegan. Many times I have been in there and the staff seemed unsure as to which items were vegan, I just thought you might like to know since you seem very passionate about veganism.

    If you have not had the chance, you should check out Cakewalk grocery. They are all vegan, have soft serve (it's better there too!), and have groceries and vegan dog food! Like heaven. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment! I just chatted with someone who works there and she assured me that they only sell vegan products except for the occasional custom made cake.

    I haven't been to Cakewalk yet and I cannot believe it! I've only heard good things and I had NO idea they had dog food. That solves so many different problems for me. :)

  3. On the front of City Cakes it says "Traditional and Vegan" items. I asked them and they said that anything that isn't vegan would say "Traditional Cupcake" or whatever. I've never seen anything there that says that though. One of the girls there said they mostly just do vegan stuff, but I did see a few gallons of cows milk in their fridge. So who knows! But I love City Cakes sooooo much! Their Mac and Cheese is to die for!

  4. omg!!! i need their mac and cheese. one day i'm going to order that AND soft serve. :p