Tuesday, November 16

Vegan MoFo - Sushi and a Sandwich

A bad picure of a good roll! 
I'm a lousy Vegan MoFo. Honestly, it's only because I haven't been eating or doing anything interesting lately!  When I got out of the hospital my mom was nice enought to stock my freezer full of Amy's entrees, whole-wheat pita bread and veggie burgers.  And while I could happily exist on yummy frozen (easy!) vegan food, it's just not interesting to blog about! 

But, I went through my pics and found a few things of interest.  The first one is an amazing roll from Red Ginger.  It's the Fresh Roll and it is dope. It contains green leaf asparagus, kaiware yamagobo cucumber, avocado pickle, peanut, kiwi and mango sauce.  I lovingly refer to this as the PBJ roll. The peanuts and the sweet fruit sauce taste just like peanut butter and jelly!  Yum!   I only wish the picture was better, but my husband was getting impatient.  This is one of his favorite rolls too.
Red Ginger Bistro on Urbanspoon

Ah, and here we have today's lunch from Robin's Nest. This is such a wonderful little sandwich place. They have two amazing veggie sandwiches on the menu and are happy to create new things.  Today I ordered the Flower Child on ciabatta with balsamic vinegar instead of the whole-wheat honey and cheesiness. 
It's soo so good.  They toast the ciabatta before and all the veggies are fresh.  There's no way anyone would ever miss the cheese or ranch.  I can't even imagine them on there!!

Here's my post on my other favorite sandwich - the Natural.

I love sandwiches!  And nice places that make decent veggie ones! 

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  1. That PB&J roll sounds to die for, and I can totally relate with the hungry husband no time for a photo situation. You have so many really great sounding vegan options in SLC. Jealous.