Wednesday, November 17

Vegan MoFo - ABC Cookies and O'Falafel (and a sunset!)

Today was rough!  Work is insane and I have a stupid pulled muscle in my back from coughing my lungs out.  So, the obvious thing to do was eat cookies and falafel.

I placed my order from O Falafel in Sugarhouse before my husband picked me up from work.  We ordered falafel and Yalanji (stuffed grape leaves with rice, parsley, tomatoes, onions and lemon).  The car smelled amazing as we drove home and the sunset was beautiful.  The minute I got home, and emptied my pita  into a bowl (I hate eating sandwiches with  my hands, I prefer to eat them like a salad) and went to town.

Their falafel is insanely good. The patties are soft and you can taste the chickpeas, onions and cilantro. It's also stuffed full of tomatoes, onions, tahini, cucumbers and  a few other tastes and textures in there I couldn't place.  But, YUM. It was soo good! It's true that I've never had falafel I didn't like and the last sandwich I try is usually my favorite, but damn! This was good! 

There's tons of other vegan stuff on the menu.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing the word "vegan" on a menu more than five times - especially by food that I can't pronounce. That's a winning combination if there ever was one.
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  1. Mmm! We have a really great felafel place here too and they can do their pitas in a bowl which is my favourite option!

  2. it's so much better because you can build the perfect bite on your fork everytime! :)