Sunday, November 28

Thanksgiving Eats!

Everything my mom made vegan has a cute little pumpkin.
Here we have onion dip and puff pastry appetizers with
pesto, 'cream cheese' and nuts. YUM.

Baklava tarts!  Much nicer than real baklava. These weren't too sweet.

Hummus and Earth Balance

Our Thanksgiving To-Go meal from Cali's Natural Food

Does this even need a caption?  Yum. 

and lots of vegan wine, of course!

my lovely plate!

Maggie snoozing on the couch.

Rocky looking for loves!  I love this picture!
Thanksgiving was wonderful this year.  Lots of good food, wine, family and little dogs everywhere.  Darby and Rascal were too busy to pose for pictures.

I hope your Thanksgiving was as amazing!  :)


  1. What a fantastic Thanksgiving! YUM! and what a great Mom! I have to say that vegan and Thanksgiving were not two things I would think could be so yummy but here it is!

  2. Sounds like a great day! Your mom rocks for making such yummy things. That stuffed squash looks spectacular!

  3. thanks guys! my mom truly outdid herself this year. darby sneaked my butternut squash leftovers! jerk. :p

  4. Looks great. I got the same wine for Thanksgiving but wasn't so keen on it. My family liked it though.

  5. thanks!! :) it's the only kind my mom can remember to buy bc of the kangaroo. :p

  6. Thanks for your comment on my twitter. Maggie and Rockey are very cute.

  7. I think that wine is Aussie!

    Your meal looks fantastic and I love the little pumpkins!