Wednesday, November 10

Lousy Vegan MoFo - Hospital Food Expose

Dinner.  With butter. ?

Tofu Salad.  The tofo was raw.

Dinner. Again, the tofu was raw, as were the veggies.
The rice was unflavored and cold.

I was so grateful for some fruit!

Here we have the best meal I ate in the hospital!
You can never go wrong with oatmeal!

Behold a sample of the vegan foods I was offered during a brief stay in IHC Hospital.  I had a nasty rhino virus that triggered a respiratory disease. Not too much fun at all.

Happily, the staff was so nice and I got to watch a lot of movies (Kill Bill {both!}, Lake Placid and the second episode of The Walking Dead. My view from the 8th floor was pretty nice, too.

Now I'm home, cuddled up with Darby with arms bruised from being poked by needles.  And very happy! 


  1. Raw plain tofu and raw veggies! BLAH! Obviously these are people who think tofu is disgusting and vegan food is "weird"...because they have never in their life seen it prepared properly & deliciously! Shame on them, but so glad you're home & getting better!

  2. Amanda, that sucks royally - on all accounts! Glad you are home now & can eat some decent food!!

  3. Ugh. I hear you on hospitals. Why is it they have no idea how to give people vegan food, or even good-tasting vegetarian food?

    When I had my daughter in 2007, I was assured I'd get vegan food, but it was an empty promise.

    They brought me pancakes sealed in plastic with sausages on top and told me to pick off the sausages.

    The only vegan thing they gave me was oatmeal made with water; no soy milk in the joint, no margarine, no sugar, no nothing. Just oatmeal and water.

    My husband brought me food from home.

  4. oh my goodness! i really don't understand why hospitals can't offer more interesting food? and i REALLY don't understand why they wouldn't do something with the tofu? all i needed was soy sauce and green onions and i could have eaten raw tofu all day! seriously! :) i really was so happy for the grapes and oatmeal. except it needed salt, of course!

  5. OMG! They could even be bothered to make you an actual salad or perhaps a stir fry? spaghetti with marinara?? People are weird. You should write them a letter to thank them for getting you well and making you lose about 10 pounds since you only ate fruit and oatmeal. crap!

    I'm glad you're better.

  6. Argh, hospital food sucks. I hope you're feeling better now and can enjoy some special treats!

  7. ha ha! in a strange way i'm kinda grateful to appreciate bananas and grapes so much! also, they fed me a lot of saltines and sprite. those two are SO good together. :) it was for sure a culinary adventure.

  8. Oh goodness, I can see why the hospital stay was so miserable. It amazes me how, of all places, hospitals have no idea what is nutritious.