Thursday, November 25

Giving thanks!

Thanksgiving was such a huge holiday for my family.  My grandparents would get the fancy plates and silver out and my mom would dress me up in some floofy, uncomfortable dress. I think she actually made me the one in the picture.

When I saw this contest for La Crueset cookwear, I knew the "food memory" I wanted to share was Thanksgiving.  Luckily, enough of you guys voted for me and I won (as a runner-up!).  I'm still waiting for my Le Crueset prize and planning my first meal with it.

These days, Thanksgiving is at my mom's house.  There are two different meals served, the vegan one for my husband and me, as well as the traditional one.  It's a lot of food for a small kitchen!  But  it's the same feeling that I remember. The dining room and kitchen are decorated beautifully.  My mom brings out the pretty vintage bakelite silverwear  and serves a bunch of yummy vegan appetizers. It's just me, my husband, my parents and my uncle and four little yappy dogs begging under the table.  I can't wait! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!  It's the perfect time to remember all the things you're thankful for - family, friends, animal companions and good vegan food!  And of course, knowing that the turkeys are thankful for YOU!!!

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