Saturday, November 13

Easy VeganMoFo - Crockpot Tofu and Scallions

This is one of my very favorite cookbooks.  It has many winters worth of easy, yummy recipes. One of the very easiest and most versatile recipes is the Tofu Scallion. Slow cooking the tofu makes it dence and smoky.  It would be perfect in a stroganoff or a burrito, but I was feeling kinda lazy so I served it with some quick fried rice.  It totally hit the spot for hippie chinese food. 

It's getting there - halfway through cooking! 
This is the tofu and scallions with the miso dressing.

This even looks like hippie food!  But don't let that scare  you.
 Besides spending time in the kitchen lately, I've been taking as much fall in as I can.  Our kitchen is full  of different hard ciders, local wines and pomagranites. The past few days have been so beautiful outside! We might even take Darbs up to Millcreek tomorrow.  I love fall!
husband and Darby

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