Saturday, November 6

Easy Vegan MoFo! Hot Toddy!

Yuck!  I'm sick! It's just a little cold, but still. So, today  I'm just hanging out on the couch with a blankie, watching tv and reading magazines.  Luckily I got some stuff from Vegan Outreach and Mercy for Animals to look through.

Anyhoo, the recipe for today is a hot toddy!  Simply the best thing to drink when you feel gross!  It's just a shot of  whiskey, some boiling water, a slice of lemon and agave nectar. 

I've been thinking about all the awesome stuff my mom used  to make for me when I was sick.  My favorite was Acini De Pepe w/ butter, salt and pepper.  I love those buttery little pasta balls.  Maybe I'll make that for tomorrow.  Well, the grown up version, anyway, with Earth Balance, nutritional yeast and garlic. And maybe some jalapenos.  Being sick is kinda fun if you're not TOO sick, but just sick enough .....


  1. I hope that your cold leaves you very soon! It does stink to be sick, doesn't it, but you're right- it's also kind of fun to pamper yourself for a while. :)

  2. I'm so glad you're home!

    First, your new blog background is fantastic! When did you have time to do that?

    Second, I'm going to go and make a hot toddy now because it isn't alcoholism to have a drink before noon if it has a cute name.

    Third, please give Darby a kiss on his snout and get plenty of rest :)

  3. I love your Easy Vegan MoFo theme! The recipes are great and keeping things easy is always a great idea.

    It's pretty warm in Ohio today (unseasonably so), but a hot toddy will be just the thing come this weekend when the cold weather makes a return - and stays for a while.

  4. I hope I didn't get you sick!! and thank you thank you! Now it's my turn to tell YOU to eat soup and rest! So do it!

  5. thanks vegannifer! :) they were so yummy that night, but i may have went overboard - i was super dehydrated when they admitted me into the hospital. so, that was a good lesson to learn. but damn! they were good!