Thursday, November 11

Easy Vegan MoFo - Gardein Chicken Scallopini

Chicken Scallopini is one of my favorite dishes.  I've tried to make it with every single faux chicken product on the market.  Most of them turn out okay, but far from the savory, tangy, buttery stuff that I remember.

NOT SO with the lovely Gardein Chicken Scallopini!  They're wonderful!  Not only is the texture nice and chewy, they taste great!  And with a few tweaks, they're AWESOME. 

The gorgeous finished product.

Frozen Chicken Scallopini, dusted with flour, pan-fried
on each side for two - three minutes.

After the Chicken has cooked, remove it from the pan,
and make this yummy sauce.  Add white wine, capers,
reduce by half, add a good dollop of Earth Balance and
lemon juice.  Add the Chicken back to the pan for a few
minutes and then EAT!!

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