Tuesday, October 19

Star of India and Driving Me Crazy

veggies that sit on my counter and stare at me

Aloo Gobi, pumkin and veggie samosas from Star of India.  This feeds my soul.

I think I want bangs again.
I'm the most capricious person I've ever met.  My interests change rapidly, and I can barely keep up with myself.  Today I've been sorta looking back at all my projects I've started and abandoned - writing for Best Friends, writing articles on sustainable food for the Examiner, writing for Xomba's horror channel ....  (see a pattern here?)  This blog is the only thing that has held my interest!  And in its wake are two other vegan food blogs (Whiskey Tango Vegan and Vegan Mafia [RIP]).  Anyway, all that thinking made me hungry so I headed to my favorite Indian food place, Star of India.

And now I'm back in my office, drawing penguins and type-type-typing on this blog. I think I should cut my hair tonight.

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