Thursday, October 14

Este Pizza

vegan stromboli with garlic, spinach and mushrooms

stromboli attack!!

I added espresso to my garlic breath!
A real New York pizza place in  Salt Lake!  We're growing up!  Este Pizza is agreed on as the best pizza in Utah, and luckily they offer a lot of vegan options. Today I ordered the stomboli for a reasonable $8.00.  It includes three toppings, good marinara and vegan mozzarella.  I'm not sure what cheese they use, but I really didn't care.  It was nice and garlicy and the crust was right on.  It made my Italian Vegan tummy happy.  

I had a few minutes to kill before I went back to the office so I stopped for a doppio espresso.  It seemed only proper to end the meal in a traditional way.  It also made coming back to the office a little more tolerable. 

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