Monday, September 20

Meet Lucy

Five year old Lucy was rescued from the Humane Society of Utah the day she was scheduled to be put to sleep. She had an Upper Respiratory Infection and had been in the shelter for too long (30 days).  My friend, Kristyn, has been considering adopting a kitty for a while, but she has small children, and well, cats and kids don't always get along.  Luckily, Lucy fit right in with her new family.  Can't you just feel the love in that picture!?

 This was the best story I've heard in weeks and I had to share!  :) 

Do you think you have room in your life for one more friend?  So many animals need homes right now.  Cat and kitten adoptions are free at the Salt Lake County Animal Shelter.

Go get a kitty!!  Or two!


  1. Aww! Both of our kitties were rescue cats, and one was in a no-kill shelter for a year and a half before we found him. He's so sweet, and it breaks my heart every time I think about it.

  2. they're so lucky! you're such a good cat mom. :)