Tuesday, September 14

The Holy Trinity of HOT

These are the things I don't like to leave the house with. It's getting kind of complicated. Although Nacho Mom's Queso isn't very hot, I'm putting it in the Holy Trinity, because if you add something hotter to it - it's AMAZING.


The newest member - Nacho Mom's
Chicken Sauce or whatever you want to call it


  1. Have you tried the buffalo wing sauce at the DOLLAR STORE? It's oddly delicious on salads.

  2. Cholula is one of my favorite things on this planet. Seriously. The garlic flavor completely knocks my socks off.

  3. Cholula is my boyfriend!

    Anna - NO! I haven't. What brand is it? They have an off-brand of Funyuns (spelling?!) that I adore. They're so stinky and good. MMMMM.