Monday, September 20

Best Bento in SLC

Here we have the best Bento lunch I've ever had.  It's from I Love Sushi.  Of course, you have to do some tweaking to make sure it's vegan, but they are happy to substitute avocado rolls for the California rolls.  The Agedashi Tofu is just killer - and bonito flakies free!  Of course the salad sucks, and the whole thing is greasy as hell, but damn.  It's good.


  1. As a chef I can tell you that your "vegan" sushi probably isn't. It is shared with the same cutting board, knives and deep fried with oil shared with meat. Do you think meat chefs care about you or cross contamination? Why promote an unethical business that makes money off the blood and suffering of animals especially while SLC vegan businesses are struggling. If you want amazing rolls then eat at 100% vegan Omar's Rawtopia.

  2. I can't believe I still haven't made it to Omar's! And you're right about cross-contamination and supporting local vegan businesses.

    I'm just doing this blog to show people there is another way to eat. There is some difference between ordering a vegan meal or a meat/cheese filled dish at an Omni restaurant. Obviously, a lot of these restaurants are far from perfect.

    Why don't you offer to do a guest post rather than leave a snarky anonymous comment? I'd love that! You obviously know what you're talking about and a review of Omar's Rawtopoia would be great!