Thursday, September 30

Beans and Brews

Beans and Brews was my first barista job. This was back in the day, before Starbucks had taken over our fine valley. People used to come in and try and "trick the barista" with drinks the poor barista had never heard of. They were mean, but it did encourage me to get very, very serious about making the best drinks, pulling the best shots and steaming the milk for perfect foam.

The downtown location is a god-send. It's close to my work and they know what they're doing. I appreciate this deeply.

Look!  An old-timey espresso machine.  You actually have to tamp the espresso and know what the hell you're doing to pull a good shot.  Yes, that was a snide comment directed at Starbucks.

Deeeeeelicious vegan cookies!

     and coffee for home of course! 

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