Thursday, August 19

Long Life Vegi House

Long Life Vegi House really hits the spot for greasy Chinese food.  Pictured above are spring rolls, Sweet and Sour "Pork" (FRIED!) and finally Veggie Mu Shu.  (How do you spell that?!)  All of their meat products are vegan, and they're all delicious!  The "Chicken" and Broccoli is one of my favorite dishes.  So is the Lemon "Chicken".  I have a few favorites because my husband and I have been going there regularly since we met 16 years ago.  I even had my 21st birthday party there! Now I feel old and hungry. 

Make sure you check out their lunch specials.  You get hot and sour soup, brown rice, an entree and wonderfully greasy spring rolls for less than $7.00. 

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