Tuesday, August 10

The Atlantic Cafe

I think they spelled "appetizer" wrong. 

Anyway, The Atlantic Cafe has made a small appearance on this blog before with a caprese panini,  but that was before the blog was veganized!  What is a vegan to do?  Luckily, Mediterranean restaurants are very veg friendly.  There is always hummus, pita, great veggies (marinated, grilled) and FALAFEL!

I love falafel.  With my whole heart.  The only thing Salt Lake City needs is a falafel cart.  (someone do this!) 

This day was nice and I could have sat outside on Main Street eating fries all day.  I ordered the falafel, and opted for hummus rather than tzatziki.  It was so full of veggies and falafel!  The "sea salt pommes" (ie: fries) were really nice and crunchy.  They have lots of vegan options, next time I'm getting the grilled vegetable plate (see the menu for a description).


  1. I didn't have a great experience the first time I visited here but now I'm thinking I should go back...falafel, tzatziki, and sea salt pommes are calling my name!

  2. Did you think the waitress hated you? I really got that feeling, but was hoping it was just an off day.