Tuesday, July 6

Cindy Lee Cafe - What I Crave

Here we have my husbands and my ideal vegetarian dinner - noodles and an appetizer of fresh spring rolls with spicy peanut sauce (to die for) with a fresh, tart limeade. We were frequenting Cindy Lee Cafe on a weekly basis and haven't been there in months. It's time to go back. This girl needs some House Noodles.

The bottom picture is the heavenly House Noodles. They are pan-fried, so they're crunchy at the bottom and thick and chewy in the middle. This dish hits all the yummy spots in my brain - noodle-y, savory, fried tofu (yes there is a spot in my head for fried tofu!) and tomato-y.

The noodles above that is the veggie lomein, which is good, but I cannot be swayed from my House Noodles. But of course I take a few big bites of his lomein to make sure.


  1. Oh, it's been far too long since I had a good spring roll. My mouth is watering, thanks to that first photo!

  2. It all looks so amazing, my mouth is watering also. The place my husband and I used to go to and had gone to for over 20 years, closed up after the family decided it was time to retire and none of the children wanted to continue on the tradition. Still very sad and miss them.