Thursday, June 3

Cafe Trang

Cantonese Chowmein with Tofu
Vegan Chicken and Broccoli

There was much sadness in our household when they closed the Cottonwood Mall location of Cafe Trang. My husband and I had been going there for many years and have always loved it. I have many nice memories shopping at The Gap, leftovers in hand and slightly buzzed from lots of sake. It was perfectly close to our house and was easily our favorite place to eat.

Luckily there are four other locations in Utah, and one right downtown. We ordered the Cantonese Chowmein with tofu and the "Chicken" and Broccoli. Of course, the noodles are always good, and always a safe bet when eating out. And for me, any sort of fake-chicken and broccoli always hits the spot, but this. This was Inspired. I had to ask the waitress twice if the meat substitute had eggs or anything else in it - I've never had tastier, more succulent faux chicken in my entire life! And that's including stuff I've made at home!

They also have great lunch specials and well, everything I've had there is amazing.

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